AIWXTM Connect

Uniquely tailored solutions to enable a smarter delivery model

AIWX™ Connect delivers a suite of business intelligence to drive efficiencies, improve planning and enhance customer service for a safer workplace.

AIWX Connect Delivers IoT Data-Driven Intelligence to Meet Today's Changing Building Space and System Demands

AIWX Connect works seamlessly to identify building and occupant needs based on real-time occupancy, space utilization and occupant feedback. Insights inform building performance, environmental conditions and occupant satisfaction levels. These insights are used to proactively deliver services based on actual demand, resulting in operational efficiencies, improved productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

Smarter Facilities, Powered by AIWX Connect

Each solution combines real-time data from an individual IoT sensor with Aramark's operational expertise to deliver enhanced building intelligence and performance.

Supporting building efficiency through two levers — space and systems — AIWX Connect solutions elevate facilities based on your unique needs.

AIWX Connect sensors are wireless and work completely outside of existing Wi-Fi networks.
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Space utilization

Understand when and where your space is being utilized to support increased cleaning frequency, demand-driven cleaning, improved staff productivity, move management decisions and energy management.


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Service validation

Virtually supervise, validate when and where service was performed and document the time to complete service upon customer service request.


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Touchless occupant service requests

Capture the voice of your customer in real-time by receiving real-time feedback for any identified space so service needs are met promptly, and customer satisfaction is improved

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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring

Capture temperature, humidity and CO2 levels of indoor air to help deliver healthier environments and better energy management.


AIWX data flows from sensors to one live dashboard with 24/7 continuous monitoring of conditions — to empower data-driven decision making, issue prevention and root cause diagnosis. When conditions go outside of what you deem acceptable, real-time alerts notify for immediate resolution and catastrophe avoidance.

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water leak detection

Receive early alerts to help prevent major water damage from occurring and potential environmental issues.


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vibration monitoring

Monitor the condition of rotating mechanical equipment to help prevent unforeseen equipment failures and costly unplanned repairs.

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pressurization monitoring

Ensure compliance and safe conditions by capturing continuous differential pressure data for room pressurization or air filtration units.

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refrigeration monitoring

Capture real-time freezer, refrigerator and cooling unit temperatures and humidity levels, and send alerts to prevent costly product spoilage and unexpected inventory losses.



Door Monitoring

Discover how the AIWX™ Connect Door Monitoring Program can help your K12 district receive real-time notifications, enabling swift responses when external doors are unexpectedly opened.

Objective, Real Time Data Combined with Our Operational Expertise

Sensors capture 24/7 continuous data to inform a better service delivery in the form of demand-driven cleaning- and condition-based maintenance.

  • All battery operated devices
  • 24/7 real-time data capture
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customizable plug and play capabilities
  • No security or privacy concerns
  • Works completely outside client Wifi

Our Case Studies

Discover how AIWX technology is delivering results for our client partners.

Brenau University logo

Brenau University is a 2022 U.S. News Best Colleges ranked private institution with over 140 years of history.

Brenau University’s partnership with AIWX Connect resulted in:
  • Demand-Driven cleaning empowering a 49% increase in staff efficiency with APPA Level 2 cleanliness quality maintained
  • Real-time Indoor Air Quality data diagnosed a previously unknown, overnight humidity spike in the library that houses a rare book collection – safeguarding the precious assets while improving room comfort and reducing energy use. LEARN MORE
Three Rivers School District logo

Three Rivers School District is a public district located in the Pacific northwest.

Three River's partnership with AIWX Connect resulted in over $90,000 of savings in the first 5 months of Condition Based Maintenance with AIWX Systems:
  • 73% Cost Avoidance of Year Prior Food waste in just 5 months of AIWX refrigeration monitoring, enabling real-time detection and resolution of unit outages.
  • $80,000 of damage avoided when water was detected by AIWX Water Leak sensors under a gym floor resulting from a leaking irrigation line supplied from city water running with approximately 75 PSI.
  • Using AIWX Vibration Monitoring for continuous diagnostics, the team realized unsatisfactory conditions of a hot water centrifugal pump and implementing corrective tasks regulating the vibration of the pump bringing the condition to acceptable status, saving $4,178 in pump replacement, eliminating operational disruption due to unforeseen failure and extending the life of the asset.

Empower Field is home to the Denver Broncos Football Club and is the 6th largest NFL stadium.

Empower Field’s partnership with AIWX Connect resulted in:
  • AIWX space utilization data informed important space management decisions for the stadium.
Northshore Unversity Healthsystem logo

Northshore University Health System is a 127-year-old integrated health system including five hospitals in Chicago, Evanston, Glenview, Skokie and Highland Park.

Northshore University Health System’s partnership with AIWX Connect resulted in:
  • Improved the patient experience and enhanced efficiencies through use of Smart Space technology in public restrooms and inpatient units.
AAMU Logo-1

Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University (AAMU) is a nationally recognized, historically Black college and university (HBCU) and the largest producer of food scientists in the United States.

AAMU’s partnership with AIWX Connect resulted in:
  • A 29% increase in student satisfaction within the Residence Hall restrooms over 4 months of AIWX Smart Restroom Usage.
  • 45% of students agreeing or strongly agreeing that the state of the restrooms on campus improved after AIWX installation. LEARN MORE

AIWX Connect in Action

Introducing AIWX™ Connect

AIWX Connect successfully combines the power of data with operational expertise to create safer environments and improve building performance. See what it’s all about in under three minutes.

FM Transformation:
Creating a Demand-Driven Service Model

A new approach to facilities management — demand-driven services — delivers the capabilities facilities need to reduce risks and save money in multiple areas of operation. Listen to experts as they discuss how demand-driven services can transform your facilities.

AIWX Connect™ Smart Restrooms

See how AIWX Connect delivers real time service scheduling for any identified space so service needs are met promptly, and customer satisfaction is improved.

Real-World Impact of AIWX Connect

Brenau University Case Study
Case Study

Brenau University IOT Technology Drives Efficiency with Smarter Campus Faciliites

Enabled by AIWX Connect, Brenau University is reaping the benefits of real-time information to make smarter decisions with measurable returns on investment. In doing so, they have reduced their operating costs, improved service delivery, and positioned their institution for growth. 

Smart Spaces pdf
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AIWXTM Connect: Smart Spaces

AIWX Connect: Smart Spaces is an intelligent service delivery model that uses IoT-driven room sensors combined with Aramark’s operational expertise to fulfill two critical needs — optimized space utilization and increased 
occupant satisfaction. 

Smart Systems pdf
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AIWXTM Connect: Smart Systems

AIWX Connect: Smart Systems is an intelligent, data-driven solution that powers organizations to achieve insight to equipment monitoring, energy and waste reduction, and better building system performance. As a result, organizations reduce risk, improve facilities planning and enhance customer services.

AIWX_Solutions_LeakDetection (1)-1-1
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AIWXTM Connect: Leak Detection

AIWX Connect: Leak Detection prevents a wide range of issues — ensuring rapid response, minimal downtime, occupant comfort and lowering your risk of catastrophic loss.

AIWX_Solutions_RefrigerationMonitoring (2)-1
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AIWXTM Connect: Refrigeration Monitoring

AIWX Connect: Refrigeration monitoring capability records realtime freezer, refrigerator, and cooling unit temperatures and humidity levels — and sends alerts when operating outside of acceptable ranges to prevent costly product spoilage and unexpected inventory losses.
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AIWXTM Connect: Door Monitoring

External doors left ajar can let in unhealthy air or unwanted visitors and disrupt the heating and cooling balance at your school. Discover how the AIWX™ Connect Door Monitoring Program can help your K12 district receive real-time notifications, enabling swift responses when external doors are unexpectedly opened. Learn more in this short overview.

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