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Enhanced environments

Reopen Environments

The advent of COVID-19 has accelerated changes to building and environment operations and reopening strategies. The pandemic has increased cleaning demands and heightened occupant's concern for their well-being. Addressing these demands and concerns requires careful planning of spaces, services and systems to boost occupants' satisfaction in their environment.

Today’s New IoT-Driven Intelligent Workplace Experience from Aramark

AIWX™ Connect delivers a suite of business intelligence to drive efficiencies, improve planning and enhance customer service for a safer workplace. Proven in commercial, education and healthcare settings, AIWX Connect successfully combines the power of data with operational expertise to create safer environments and improve building performance.

Aramark is a leader in operational excellence in facilities and environmental management. With the launch of AIWX Connect, we are now leading the industry in delivering workplace intelligence that elevates workplace experiences for both occupants and building owners.


How it Works

AIWX Connect works seamlessly to identify building and occupant needs based on real-time occupancy, space utilization and occupant feedback. Insights inform building performance, environmental conditions and occupant satisfaction levels. These insights are used to proactively deliver services based on actual demand, resulting in operational efficiencies, improved productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

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IoT Building Sensors

Sensors are placed throughout a building to capture multiple streams of data, including occupancy levels, traffic patterns, temperature, humidity levels, CO2 levels and more. No images, video or personal identifying information (PII) is collected.
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Occupant Input

Building occupants provide feedback and request service directly from their smartphones for touchless engagement.
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Central Platform

The variety of sensors installed throughout a building are connected through a single platform that allows for seamless integration into service workflows, notification systems and reporting displays.

Data and Output Examples

Each data point captured from AIWX Connect drives an operational action, like these examples:

Occupant Traffic Patterns
  • Increased Cleaning Frequencies
  • Improved Productivity
  • Social Distancing
  • Demand-Driven Cleaning
Customer Feedback
  • Accelerated Service Response Times
  • Predictive Service Needs
Indoor Air Quality
  • Healthier Environments
  • Improved Energy Management
Building System Perfomance
  • Continuous Commissioning
  • Predictive Maintenance of Equipment
  • Ongoing Diagnostics
  • Improved Energy Management

Building Owner Benefits

  • Address new COVID-19 cleaning challenges with existing resources
  • Achieve productivity and efficiency increases
  • Improve decisions in space utilization, employee engagement and risk management
  • Gain real-time insight into building performance
  • Reduce disruptions to operations

Occupant Benefits

  • Visibility into cleaning activity in high-traffic areas
  • Increase response to service requests
  • Enjoy a higher level of satisfaction
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AIWX Connect in Action

3 Success Stories

AIWX Connect has proven successful in the education, healthcare and commercial space — delivering actionable, data-driven insight to improve resource management and customer satisfaction.

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Commercial Space
Boosts Occupant Satisfaction

AIWX Connect quantified dramatically different feedback by men and women, despite similar restroom usage. Men and women consume paper products at different rates. Yet, most organizations schedule staff to clean and replenish restrooms equally. Information allowed the owner to better understand the needs of its occupants, predict when restrooms need service, and improve customer satisfaction.
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Campus Streamlines
Resource Management

AIWX Connect found that 20% of restrooms in a given building experienced no occupancy or traffic. The institution was able to reallocate staffing to areas with greater occupancy. With no additional resources they were able to increase cleaning frequency where it was most needed. The visual cue of the increased frequency is also critical to creating trust among occupants, and the perception of a safe environment.
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Hospital Elevates
Patient Satisfaction

AIWX Connect quantified a Utilization Score for restrooms throughout a healthcare facility. Ranked based on cleaning need, the hospital was able to identify spaces that were being overserviced, as well as those being underserviced. The data allowed them to adjust their operation to deliver the right resources to the right space at the right time. Most importantly, they were able to provide additional cleaning frequencies where most needed and without additional resources.
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Smart Spaces +
Smart Services +
Smart Systems =

Smarter Facilities

Here’s how AIWX Connect adds intelligence to facilities and operations management.

Smart Spaces

Data via IoT devices, alerts, emails and texts is used to make data-driven decisions about space planning, workplace management, staffing and space scheduling, cleaning schedules and more. Trend information allows for predictive actions to improve service and further reduce cost.

Key Areas Impacted

Occupancy and Space Utilization Occupancy and Space Utilization
Occupancy and Space Utilization
Provides insight on room occupant density, space utilization and time-of-day intensity. Delivers real-time servicing, as well as informs longer-term planning for operational and capital planning decisions.
High Frequency Cleaning High Frequency Cleaning
High Frequency Cleaning

Identifies highly trafficked areas and high-touch points. Supports the intelligent allocation of resources for cleaning, disinfecting and replenishing based on actual usage.

Demand Driven Cleaning Demand Driven Cleaning
Demand Driven Cleaning

Identifies no, low, normal, and high usage of spaces. Optimizes Custodian Cleaning Schedules for cleaning based on spaces actual daily usage

Sample of Smart Spaces Data Points

  • Occupancy and utilization rates
  • Continuous real-time space utilization
  • High- and low-traffic pattern trends
  • Social distancing alerts

Smart Services

Delivers intelligence about occupants’ needs for improved service response. Input from occupant feedback systems trigger immediate actions alerts to building management teams. Attention to occupants’ real-time needs takes occupant satisfaction to a whole new level.

Key Areas Impacted

Occupancy Service Response Occupancy Service Response
Occupancy Service Response

Provides touchless systems that capture occupant requests for service. Data is received in real-time, allowing both immediate service action and informed long-term service planning.

Sample of Smart Services Data Points

  • Real-time requests for product replenishment
  • Space usage and traffic levels by day and time
  • Workflow patterns by location
  • Real-time requests for cleaning or building maintenance
  • Emergency service requests
  • Verified times that space was service

Smart Systems

Delivers intelligence about occupants’ needs for improved service response. Input from occupant feedback systems trigger immediate actions alerts to building management teams. Attention to occupants’ real-time needs takes occupant satisfaction to a whole new level.

Key Areas Impacted

Occupancy and Space Utilization Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring
Monitors environmental conditions, such as temperature, air quality and CO2 levels. Real-time data relays insight on the performance of the HVAC system, which supports a safer environment.
Energy management Energy management
Energy management

Room occupancy sensors allow buildings systems to be scheduled based on actual demand, rather than time. Reduce your facility’s energy cost and consumption.

Refrigeration monitoring Refrigeration monitoring
Refrigeration monitoring

Tracks temperatures and sends alerts, thereby, protecting sensitive research in lab areas or improving food safety of perishable goods.

Equipment Monitoring Equipment Monitoring
Equipment Monitoring

Monitoring equipment operation through performance data, such as output water temperature, leak detection, vibration, and other means.

Predictive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance

Continuous diagnostics through vibration analysis and data trends to determine the health of rotating equipment and perform maintenance tasks prior to system failures.

Sample of Smart Systems Data Points

  • Room temperatures by day and time
  • Air quality by room, day and time
  • Room occupancy rates by day and time
  • Refrigerator temperature monitoring
  • Equipment predictive maintenance alert

AIWX Connect is ideal to help manage a COVID-19 response, including:

  • Monitor traffic, usage patterns and social distancing concerns
  • Increase cleaning frequencies without adding resources
  • Provide touchless communication for occupant requests
  • Create visual cues of cleanliness
  • Verify time and location of completed cleaning services
  • Run optimal air filtration systems through buildings
  • Identify most-needed areas based on actual space utilization
  • Know when and where to allocate resources
  • Create efficient strategies for bundling service
Smarter Workplace
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Your Partner for a Smarter Workplace — Today and Tomorrow

AIWX Connect is a continuation of Aramark’s goal to bring intelligent insight into building, operations and environmental management. By combining data analytics with our operational expertise, we improve the performance of our client’s spaces and the satisfaction of their occupants.

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It is impossible to guarantee complete protection from or elimination of COVID-19 and any other pathogens. Accordingly, Aramark makes no guarantee that AIWX Connect will reduce potential exposures to or eliminate COVID-19 or any other pathogens.