Boost Employee
Recruiting and Retention. Add a Full Slate of Loyalty-Building Workplace Amenities.

Amenities in the workplace can give employees more opportunities to collaborate, engage with one another, and build a sense of community.

Nearly 70% of people want to work in the office for most of their work week, but most companies are not prepared to show their appreciation for their returning workforce. One powerful way to drive higher levels of employee job satisfaction is to offer them a wide range of workplace amenities — perks that can create a sense of fun, build comradery, support workplace pride — and make employees feel excited to be back!

The State of Today’s Workplaces and Workers

Workplaces and workers are still adjusting to the post-lockdown “new normal.” Here are some insights — including how people feel about returning to the office, what they expect, and what the future of work will hold.

  • People want authenticity, amenities and embedded tech in their office spaces. (Source)
  • Employees expect optimized experience and spaces aligned to their tasks and activities. (Source)
  • Data science, AI, machine learning and analytics will define the optimal workplace. (Source)
  • Workplaces need spaces with advanced audio-visual technology for a first-class hybrid work experience. (Source)
  • Flex offices are expected to increase, from 5% in 2020, to 12.5%-20% by 2023. (Source)
  • Great amenities will play a more important role now. (Source)

Which Amenities Will Impress Your Workers?

To build loyalty, employers need to find creative ways to get workers excited about returning. Amenities can make employees happy about moving back to the office. Amenity options are nearly endless and can include:

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Free Food
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Catered lunches
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Discounted meals
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Free parking
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Work happy hours
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Pop-up social events

Plan Your Menu of Amenities

Select your menu of amenities based on what workers want most. Here are some great ideas:

Free food

Do your employees appreciate getting free food at work?

When it comes to the workplace, nothing says “you’re appreciated” like a free lunch. Thought starter:

  • Free beverage and snack bar all day
  • Catered lunches at noon-time team meetings
  • Popup Pop Shops offering culinary trends, variety and fun

Happier Day Happy Hour

Do your workers love to relax after a hard day on the job?

Happy hours are a great way to help employees unwind, socialize with their co-workers, and go home happy. Thought starter:

  • Outdoor events with entertainment and games

Team Building

Do your workers want to connect more with their co-workers?

After COVID, the reasons to work in the office include collaborating and socializing with co-workers. The right amenities can support workplace culture, help teams reconnect and bring joy to the workplace. Thought starter:

  • Networking events to make new connections
  • Social gatherings with games and food

Early Bird Reward

Do your early risers need an incentive to drive to work?

Some workers love all things breakfast. Make work more fulfilling for early birds. Thought starter:

  • A coffee, tea and scones bar
  • Early risers healthy boost with house-made energy granola, juice bar and protein shakes

Afternoon Energy Boost

Do your hard workers crave a mid-afternoon boost?

Many employees need to recharge their engines mid-afternoon with a little boost of energy. Thought starter:

  • Taco Tuesdays with hand-passed mini tacos and salsa bar
  • 7th inning stretch for popcorn, peanuts and Cracker Jack
  • Healthy handshake energy mocktails

Workplace Wellness

Do your workers want to take care of their health on the job?

Perks that provide comfort and social moments such as amazing food and drink, concierge resources and wellness centers will delight the health conscious. Thought starter:

  • Farmers markets to stock their fridge
  • Spa days for workplace pampering
  • On-site chair massage days to zap the kinks

Fun and Games

Do your workers love to celebrate with their co-workers?

Gather your workers together for an afternoon or day of fun where they can build comradery and share their workplace culture. Thought starter:

  • Provide a professional chef demonstration
  • Hang market lights, add outdoor seating or provide blanket seating
  • End the summer with a company-wide picnic or barbecue

How to Launch an
Amenity-Rich Workplace

Plan Your Ideal Slate of Return-to-Work Perks

Are you ready to help your workers get excited about returning to work? Here are four ways to start planning your amenities calendar.

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Free food amenities

For a five-day week return
  • Create an enhanced amenities schedule
  • Fully open your café
  • Launch a catering program
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70/30 Associates

For three days work on-site
  • Serve up free food days
  • Provide to-go meals to take home
  • Plan a phased café opening
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Flexible Working Schedule

For in-office only when needed
  • Provide coffee bars and open markets
  • Offer workers curated to-go options
work from home icon

Work from Home

For full-time remote workers
  • Send market boxes and meal kits to their homes
  • Send snack boxes to your workers’ doorsteps

Amenities for Everyone, Everywhere

Are you ready to bring smiles and joy to the faces of your returning workers? Aramark is a leader in helping companies launch effective worker amenities programs. If you’re ready to welcome your workers with great new and creative perks they’re sure to love, contact us today.