Combating Inflation
with a Spend Management Strategy

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership and Mitigate Inflationary Pressure with Integrated Facilities Management

The rising costs of goods, services and labor continues to impact all industries. Everyone feels the pinch when purchasing power diminishes.

For multi-location organizations, inflation can be particularly challenging to tame. The reliance on many different service providers across a geographically distributed facilities portfolio makes it difficult to evaluate and control spending. The fragmented delivery of service lends itself to operational inefficiencies, unnecessary expenses and price increases.

Fortunately, adopting a spend management strategy and working with an Integrated Facilities Management partner can dramatically reduce total cost of ownership.

What Is Spend Management?

Spend management is a proactive strategy for controlling costs and optimizing spending. Essentially, it’s a process that identifies areas of opportunity to improve the value of your support services and then deliver those services more efficiently and effectively.

Much goes into keeping your facilities clean, safe and operational. The list of needs is long: facilities maintenance, landscaping, pest control, janitorial services, engineering, HVAC, energy management and much more. Additionally, there are the elements needed to support your most important assets – your people. That includes everything from break rooms to food and beverages to uniforms, to workplace experiences.

Purchased independently, these services create an environment for waste, inefficiency and complexity. However, when managed with a single solution partner, like Aramark Facilities Management, service delivery is both more streamlined and cost-effective.

As a leader in Integrated Facilities Management solutions, we bring unparalleled resources and expertise – including our robust spend analytics, deep vendor network and decades of experience supporting clients across industries – to help you hedge against inflation.

  • A global beverage manufacturer realized NET savings of $8.1M (~12%) in the first year. The operation is scheduled to meet a total 5-year glide path of over $50M in aggregate savings.
  • A global plastics manufacturer realized a 15% operating savings across 50+ plants.
  • A medical retail provider benefited from implementing a first-generation IFM program while realizing over 10% savings in the first year of operations.
  • A global technology company realized over 20% savings in the first year of operations while improving employee satisfaction and retention.

How Spend

Implementing a spend management strategy involves:
  • Conducting a comprehensive spend analysis of the organization’s costs across vendors and service providers.
  • Developing accurate budgets and forecasts that take into account potential price increases, inflation and changing market conditions.
  • Building strong relationships with suppliers and vendors for better terms and prices.
  • Identifying and eliminating inefficiencies.
  • Leveraging technology to make data-driven decisions.
  • Ensuring adherence with regular monitoring and compliance reviews

Taking this systematic approach to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency is significantly easier with a single service provider. compared to working with multiple vendors.

Quite simply, it’s easier to manage. Instead of communicating with countless different parties, it only requires one conversation. Service requests, data analysis and billing are consolidated.

Integrated Facilities Management also provides visibility across the entire building portfolio. Most organizations are shocked to truly learn what they are paying for facilities services across their portfolio. Costs can then be managed, distributed and balanced in strategic ways that best fit the organization.

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What does spend management look like when you
partner with Aramark Facilities Management?

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A dedicated Aramark account management team that truly understands your business and service needs works closely with you to identify areas of improvement.
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A central call center accepts and manages requests for all work, ensuring negotiated terms are leveraged.
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Aramark captures all spend data to analyze, identify savings opportunities and monitor vendor performance.
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Aramark strategic sourcing leverages $14 billion in spend with our Group Purchasing Organization, Avendra, to negotiate advantageous local, regional and national contracts in dozens of spend categories.
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Assigned subject matter experts provide quality assurance and post-service auditing to ensure negotiated pricing and service-level agreements are realized.
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Aramark’s service center operation provides detailed reporting as part of a single monthly invoice.

Benefits of Taking a
Spend Management Approach with Aramark

Implementing a comprehensive spend management strategy with the right Integrated Facilities Management partner gives you better control over your operational spending, reduces costs and helps protect your operation against inflation risks.

What does spend management look like when you partner with Aramark Facilities Management?

Access to a full range of technical services and expertise with a single source of key operational services, optimizing processes and eliminating unnecessary expenses.
Streamlined service and access to favorable pricing and negotiated rates with a robust vendor network.
simple process to access all services and a single partner to call for all issues.
Advanced technologies like Aramark’s AIWX™ Connect that provide real-time facilities insights and enable data-based decisions for optimal operations.
Capture all spend data to analyze, identify savings opportunities and monitor vendor performance.
One consolidated invoice captures expenses across multiple locations.
Refocus non–value-added effort and resources toward higher-value activities with flexible solutions that are scalable.
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We’re the
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to help you achieve greater financial stability while exceeding expectations.