Manage Your Facilities with Confidence

Deploy the Right IFM Service Delivery Model Across Your Portfolio

Through Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) organizations improve service delivery, reduce operating expenses and risk, and gain competitive advantage across their building portfolio.

Organizations with geographically dispersed facilities often struggle with operational inefficiency, low-quality performance, high risk and financial losses.
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How Can Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) Help?

IFM provides organizations with a centralized team of experts focused on the Management oversight, facility maintenance, customer and workplace experience, grounds and landscaping, janitorial, pest control, engineering and energy solutions. Through a single provider, organizations can employ advanced facilities management capabilities on every level. This advanced level of support delivers broader financial and business outcomes.

IFM overcomes these common operational challenges:

  • Managerial control across the entire facilities portfolio
  • Increasing operational complexity
  • Escalating operating costs and risks
  • Access to continuous innovation and best practice service delivery across the enterprise
  • Inconsistent quality and performance

Integrated facilities management (IFM) provides a wide range of business advantages, including:

  • Control across the entire facilities portfolio
  • Visibility into each location’s service quality, risk and cost
  • Access to a full range of technical service and expertise – when and where needed
  • Best practice service delivery across the enterprise
  • Cost reduction from supply chain optimization, reduced reactive maintenance, and improved service delivery
  • Transparency and simplicity in management and reporting
  • Streamlined billing into single invoice
  • Assurance in the complexity to deliver self-performed and third-party services based on individual building needs
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Four (4) Enablers to Better Facilities Management

Every organization’s building portfolio varies. Size location, function, budget, business goal, and complexity are just a few of the variables that impact performance. The greater the diversity, the greater the challenge to deliver operating efficiency, achieve goals, and maintain competitive advantage.

The solution lies in deploying an integrated service model that delivers the appropriate set of standardized services to each location, and with a consistent level of quality and performance throughout The organization. The Aramark program harnesses four powerful tools for clients to effectively manage their entire portfolio:

Aramark self-performs 75% of non-core work at large and/or highly specialized sites, supported by these capabilities:

  • 24K facilities experts
  • Dedicated account management
  • 45 specialized trade solutions
  • Mobile maintenance team(s)

Advantages of self-performance include:

  • Shared common mission, vision and goals
  • Access to a multi-skilled workforce
  • One team sharing one work culture
  • Flat management structure
  • Improved service response times
  • Economies of scale
  • Transparency into operations

Aramark’s advanced facilities management application delivers these critical capabilities:

  • Service provider workforce management 
  • Service request processing, dispatch, and quality control
  • Work order processing, asset management and site inspections
  • Budget and invoice management
  • Reporting, analytics and business intelligence
  • Data-driven response to real-time service requests

Advantages of seamless technology platform include:

  • Service provider workforce management 
  • Centralized visibility and reporting
  • Analytics & business intelligence
  • Streamlined response times

Aramark’s affiliate network ensures strong and reliable service delivery

  • 47K deep affiliate vendor network
  • Vendor partners are fully credentialed, licensed, compliance certified partners
  • Preferred client partners easily brought into the network

Advantages of affiliate network include

  • Access to specialized and licensed skills sets – when and where needed
  • Service flexibility, including short-term projects
  • Operating efficiencies and cost reduction

Aramark's Service Center delivers a seamless customer request and support process

  • 400+ person service response center
  • 24/7/365 response window
  • Project management office
  • Centralized business processes (AR/AP, payroll operations, GL accounting)
  • Team training programs

Advantages of North American Service Center include

  • Centralized management of operations, human resources, and project management
  • Live support for accelerated service delivery
  • Dedicated and experienced team member

Gain the Industry-Leading Advantage with Aramark

Aramark delivers better outcomes through all four service enablers — giving organizations every critical benefit of working with one trusted service provider to manage facilities at all locations and for every service required.

Providing Optimal Service Delivery at Every Type of Location

Aramark’s IFM service delivery model provides the ideal structure for every type of building and operation across geographically dispersed facilities environments, including:
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Large Sites

Ex: >100,000 GSF: deliver self performance using an on-site team of professionals to provide full building maintenance, cleaning, office services, fleet management, vending, and other services
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Medium Sites

Ex: <100,000 GSF: provide a combination of self-performance and subcontractor support
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Mid-Small Sites

Ex: <100,000 GSF and remotely located: deliver self-performance with a mobile team of experts
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Small Sites

<100,000 GSF (favorable geo-density): deploy specialized subcontractors from among existing service partners

Support Your Three Core Assets – Buildings, Employees, Customers

Through Aramark IFM, building owners can expect to gain in the following areas:

  • Gain visibility into operations allowing for improved data-driven decision making
  • Realize Consistency in service delivery to ensure a safe and effective workplace regardless of facility location or type
  • Streamline Billing down to a single invoice, allowing your team to focus on their core mission
  • Reduce costly reactive maintenance that would otherwise rob client of financial resources to drive profitability
  • Secure access to broader facilities industry solutions and best practices
  • Ensure compliance and risk mitigation through managing compliance related to safety, liability insurance, vendor/employee background checks
  • Improve focus on core business operations, goals and mission without distractions of ancillary maintenance and management
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Aramark’s IFM Success Stories

See why more organizations are moving away from a traditional decentralized model and are instead choosing an IFM model.

guaranteed cost savings of 15% through partnership

Flexible Packaging Manufacturer Achieves Double Digit Savings

By leveraging the existing vendor network alongside Aramark preferred affiliates, this flexible packaging manufacturer was able to achieve a guaranteed cost savings of 15% through partnership with Aramark’s IFM.

Overseeing 24 sites across the United States, the centralized service center and dedicated Aramark management team maintained all facilities equipment and supporting production processes –scopes ranging from HVAC, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems to serviced janitorial, landscaping, snow removal, and project management.

The standardized approach through Aramark’s partnership increased quality and compliance across the enterprise, centralized reporting for increased visibility, while allowing onsite plant managers to focus on product and process optimization without administrative burdens.

45% increase in employee engagement scores

High Technology Leader Amplifies Workplace Experience Across 45 Sites Through IFM

Prior to implementing an IFM solution through the network of 45 buildings, this client struggled with consistency in service delivery across their sites - each site operated with a single-site mentality, differing definitions of quality, and unique subcontractor networks. Workplace strategies that placed too much emphasis on cost reduction contributed to a disengaged workforce.

Through service aggregation and consolidation onto a single, customized technology platform, subcontractor management, and overtime reduction, they realized 20% savings within a year of implementation alongside a 45% increase in employee engagement scores.

The partnership achieved significant impact on the workforce and company’s bottom line.

eliminated all non-compliant vendors

Long Term Housing Network Streamlines Compliance Across 4,000 Sites on Single Platform

Through partnership with Aramark IFM, this national provider for long term housing to individuals with disabilities was able to streamline 4,000 sites across their portfolio onto a single, seamless technology platform for increased visibility and compliance. The one stop shop delivered insight into service schedules and real-time service outcomes within the building network.

Through this practice, they eliminated all non-compliant vendors and harnessed 150 Aramark Mobile Technicians to deliver standardization of maintenance processes, improvement of conditions at each building and compliance with state and federal regulatory agencies.

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Transform Your Organization with Aramark IFM

These facilities management challenges are just some of the reasons why today’s organizations are switching to a better facilities service model. If you check three or more of these boxes, Aramark can help. Let us share our experiences and how we can add value to your operation.

  • Difficulty managing multiple sites in multiple geographies
  • Challenge managing multiple vendors at different locations
  • Loss of control of FM costs per site
  • Excessive unnecessary service calls and trip charges
  • Lack of 24/7/365 service and response
  • Low visibility into building performance, reporting and analytics
  • Lack of optimization and economies of scale
  • Unsure of total facilities spend across the portfolio

Why Choose Aramark?

Through a commitment to continuous innovation, access to channel partners, experience across multiple industries, and a breadth and depth of technical engineering expertise, we deliver proven best practices that produce efficiencies, reallocate resources and improve services — as proven by our many success stories.

Learn more about the benefits of transitioning to an outsourced partner in our guide, Standardizing Maintenance Throughout Your Portfolio.

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