The Dining Partner That Elevates Your Space

Workplace Experience Group Brings World-Class Amenities and Curated Experiences that Boost Occupancy Rates in Multi-Unit Complexes

You know the important role amenities play in attracting and retaining tenants in a corporate multi-unit complex. Positive workplace experiences are key to employee satisfaction and, by extension, satisfying the employers and business owners striving to create those office communities. 

Finding the right partner to help create a workplace environment that inspires and engages goes far beyond simply solving staffing struggles or sourcing supplies. Creating exceptional experiences requires a partner that truly cares about your vision. 

Workplace Experience Group is that trusted partner and advisor. As the largest independent provider of dining and integrated facilities management services in North America, we serve hundreds of businesses and institutions every day. We know how to get things done. 

But we also delight in finding custom, flexible solutions tailored to your unique goals and culture. Whether that looks like a treehouse meeting space, a lounge with on-tap kombucha, an AI-powered frictionless convenience store or state-of-the-art robotics programming to deliver uniqe hospitality experiences, we transform what it means to work in your space. 

Dining as a Differentiator

We all need to eat during the workday. Offering exceptional dining amenities will set your multi-unit complex apart from the competition. The businesses you are looking to partner with undoubtedly have the same attraction and retention goals as you, therefore having the right hospitality partner will only make you more successful.

Our dining concepts are customizable to reflect your culture and mission. For some, that means micro markets and secure food pick-up lockers paired with thoughtful indoor-outdoor seating. For others, food halls and local restaurants matter more. In some cases, a sushi bar or gelato bar or specialty coffee is on the wish list. Other times, Starbucks is a must-have. 

Our team of subject matter experts are able to craft unique visions for your amenity programs that will be as distinct as your spaces and tenants. Wherever you are in the creative process, Workplace Experience Group can meet and work with you to develop exceptional solutions for exceptional spaces.

Whatever dining experiences you are creating, Workplace Experience Group helps you deliver experiences that transform the workplace through our curated companies and strategic partnerships.

Relationship-Based Strategy & Execution

We establish partnerships with our clients, but Workplace Experience Group’s mission is bigger: to transform workplaces and workspaces through vibrant, comprehensive relationships.

Our team has carefully curated relationships across the country with restaurateurs, design firms and technology companies to ensure we are bringing the best of the best solutions to you. 

What’s more, we are relentlessly expanding what comprehensive looks like – services like digital integration, bringing in regionally recognized restaurants, deploying first-rate audio-visual capabilities; when it comes to execution in your workspace, we spare no details. That’s the difference between partnership and relationship: a partnership may result in meeting your objectives, but a relationship covers all the angles to surpass them. 

Where We Break Bread

An exceptional dining experience isn’t just about the food, though. 

Our venue design teams create environments that break the mold for conventional workplace dining spaces, allowing for unique and flexible spaces that can meet the needs of changing workforces. Whether that’s a food hall or fire pits, our innovative approach meets the needs of today with the trends of tomorrow. 

We create spaces where it is a pleasure to eat, work and socialize. 

Data-Driven Dining Insights to Delight

Our ability to innovate and surpass expectations is thanks to extensive experience and ongoing research. Data-driven insights are at the heart of what we do. 

We keep our finger on the pulse to understand the constantly evolving dining preferences and habits, as well as the most cutting-edge technologies. 

For instance, we opened a 24/7 walk-in and walk-out AI-powered convenience store when data findings indicated employees needed access to food and beverages outside regular business hours. We added self-order kiosks to beat lunchtime crowds in another case. With another partner, we noticed an uptick in mobile orders and installed smart lockers for order pick-ups. 

We take the time to understand your clients and tenants in order to curate customized, flexible solutions that align with your goals and culture.

We don’t have to guess what’s working. Comprehensive research means we know and can act. 

Active Spaces That Attract and Engage

At Workplace Experience Group, we don’t just deliver world-class dining and create innovative environments in multi-unit complexes. We help you revolutionize the workplace into something exceptional for the businesses leasing your space. 

Employees across industries, from tech to finance to law and beyond, are increasingly seeking exclusive experiences and actively managed spaces. We can consult on everything from health and wellness initiatives, to activation series in your lobbies to engage tenants, to over-the-top catering events that provide the perfect backdrop to your most important events. We can ideate, create and elevate your amenity offering.

We go above and beyond to leverage your investments in ways that engage and delight the people working in your spaces.

We are workplace experts that will make a difference in how your multi-unit complexes are -- and stay -- filled.