4 Modern Food Sanitation Challenges—One Solution

To ensure optimized food safety and regulatory compliance, your food sanitation operations team is responsible for an ever-expanding number of tasks — especially in the wake of COVID. Not only do you have to keep facilities clean and safe, but strict compliance regulations must be met. You also have to consistently maintain or improve your audit scores, and train and retain the best workers.  

While your team knows and appreciates the responsibilities and challenges of a contemporary food sanitation operation, they are also burdened on several fronts, including:

  1. Audits and ever-changing compliance regulations
  2. Responsibilities that detract from your company’s core mission
  3. Employee safety, dependability, and turnover
  4. Time and budget to deploy new standards and technologies

If these challenges are not adequately addressed, your team will be held accountable for any negative outcomes, including injured workers, failed customer audits, production delays or shutdowns, decreased revenue, and a potentially damaged reputation. 

Additionally, sanitation operations now are facing more challenges than any time in recent history. Many are struggling to find the best way forward in the new normal.

The good news is that working with an experienced sanitation provider can mitigate these challenges. The right sanitation partner helps organizations by delivering several advanced capabilities — all while increasing uptime, reducing costs, and standardizing and centralizing sanitation operations. 

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Essential Food
Sanitation Services

Aramark is a leader in providing sanitation services in food manufacturing plants with over 400 sanitors dedicated to our client sites. These sites are tour-ready for any inspection and our teams are motivated and well-trained. Our clients have benefited from enhanced food safety compliance and third-party audit scores – typically at a cost savings. Across all our client sites, we are delivering in the "superior" and "excellent" audit score range helping them to retain and grow their client base.

Work with a Leader in FDA-Regulated Sanitation Services to Ensure Compliance

Internal sanitation operations can struggle to keep up with regulatory changes and may lack consistent controls, proper staffing, and time needed to go through the entire process.

Aramark is a leading sanitation provider in the FDA-regulated space thanks in large part to our unique approach. We staff sanitation services with skilled people who deliver the right services at the right time. This approach ensures every site is audit ready. Our partners gain these advantages:

  • 24/7 compliance readiness
  • A safe, compliant working environment
  • Consistently strong audit scores
  • Increased employee productivity and retention
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Gain the Expertise You Need Outside Your Core Expertise

Plant managers have more responsibilities than ever. Allowing an expert partner to focus on sanitation helps free up your capacity and time to focus on achieving enhanced productivity and quality. Our sanitation services include: 

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Facility Services

Our experts deliver a standardized approach to all hard and soft services through our leading-edge technologies, best practice playbooks, and reliable, well-trained employees. We also help you create a deferred maintenance strategy that helps prioritize your backlog so you can eliminate projects that pose a threat to employee safety and financial liability. 

Sanitation Services

Our specialists provide a tour-ready approach to regulated sanitation services. We deliver excellence in audit scores and stay on top of all food safety regulations, including FSMA compliance.

Production Line Support Services

We provide a reliable, well-trained, productive workforce — on the production lines, in the warehouse, in thrift store operations, or for route drivers.

Boost Employee Safety and Dependability while Helping Lower Turnover

Employees’ on-the-job safety is job one when it comes to sanitation. But achieving this goal requires expertise in three areas: personalization, people, and continuous improvement. You can gain these qualities with the help of the right sanitation partner who can help ensure employee safety, improve dependability, and help lower turnover. Our sanitation service is built to maximize value on all three fronts.  

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Our sanitation program is designed around your assets and infrastructure. We pay special attention to facility areas that undergo the most rigorous inspections.


We maintain a highly motivated and productive workforce by training associates not only in the services they perform, but also in taking ownership in their duties and their careers. This not only produces better workers, but also improves job satisfaction and lowers turnover.

Continuous improvement

We understand the imperative to continually improve on performance, especially as organizations and regulations change. That’s why we deploy our services with a focus on always adding the most advanced best practices, tools, technology, and training.

Support Your Sanitation Operation with Leading-Edge Tools

Having the right tools and technology to support high-performing sanitation programs is critical. That’s why Aramark deploys these resources on every worksite:

Customized maintenance
management system (CMMS)

Drives our master sanitation schedule

Operational excellence program

Employees self-evaluate their own work performance  and directors perform ongoing work inspections. 

ATP program

Our swab testing program validates our sanitation processes.


We maintain Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures on every piece of equipment to ensure cleaning and sanitization standards are met.

Pest Protection

We use the industry’s leading brand to eliminate pests in manufacturing facilities.

Achieve Exceptional Real-World Benefits

An ever-expanding number of organizations are realizing the many benefits of partnering with Aramark. They are gaining a wide range of outcomes from the relationship, including:

  • 10%+ overall cost reduction while improving services
  • Service standardization supported by proven tools, technology, and playbooks
  • Reliable, productive, and well-trained sanitation workforce
  • Leveraged pricing on supplies, materials, equipment, and vendors from a $13 billion GPO
  • Better audit scores and 24/7 audit readiness
  • A combination of reduced costs and budgetary certainty
  • Clean plant production lines according to SSOP
Learn more about how organizations are achieving these benefits in our free guide: Outsourcing Facilities Management & Sanitation Services. 

Real-World Success

See How We’ve Improved Sanitation Services in Food Manufacturing

Candy Manufacturer Increases Quality Scores by 13%

  • 32% staff reduction while maintaining measurable quality improvements
  • $730,000+ savings achieved
  • 93% customer satisfaction rating every year

Spice Manufacturer FDA Audit Scores Increased by 28%

  • 10% reduction in changeover times
  • 11% increased production
  • 90% improvement in customer satisfaction rating
  • 97% retention rate achieved

Baked Goods Manufacturer Raised AIB Scores by 4% and Maintained Superior Audit Rating

  • 42% reduction in warehouse employees
  • 93% reduction in overtime
  • 3% increase in cases shipped per month
  • 95% sanitation staff retention rate achieved
  • 92% customer satisfaction average rate

Baked Goods Manufacturer Reduced Breakdowns by 60%

  • $1.9M reduction in waste stream (OEE improvement)
  • $900,000 reduction in capital budget
  • 30% reduction in parts inventory costs
  • 10% reduction in employee turnover
  • 18% improvement in customer satisfaction scores

Add a Sanitation Services Expert to Your Team.

How can your organization benefit from a partner that can deliver full compliance, expertly trained staff members, and enjoy increased job satisfaction, cleanliness, safety, and cost savings?

While your primary job is to provide a safe environment for employees, that’s just the beginning of demands on your food sanitation operation. A proven partner can help you meet rising expectations — and consistently deliver safer, cleaner, and more cost-effective services.

Schedule a time to talk to a sanitation expert at Aramark.