Preparing for the
Ultimate Hybrid Workplace

Recruit and Retain Top Talent with Hybrid Amenities Employees Love

Hybrid is the dominant workplace structure for the foreseeable future.

Some companies are doing hybrid better than others. See what’s new in hybrid — and explore new ways to implement a hybrid workplace that works better for your company and employees.

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What is a hybrid workplace?

A hybrid workplace provides employees with a combination of in-office and remote work environments. Every company has different policies when it comes to what percentage of in-office and remote work is expected. Some companies leave the decision completely up to their employees, while others establish guidelines, such as two days minimum of in-office work. Ideal hybrid work environments bridge remote and on-site work options, giving employees the ability to create a more healthy and productive work life and achieve the coveted “work-life balance.”

What does a hybrid environment look like?

The hallmark of hybrid workplaces is flexibility. Because every company is creating its own unique hybrid workplace, hybrid environments look very different from organization to organization. Among the options are these four hybrid frameworks:

Hybrid at-will

Employees choose when they want to work in the workplace.

Hybrid split-week

A company assigns which days they want their workforce to work on-site, often by team or work function.  

Hybrid manager-scheduling

Managers select the days and times they want their team members to work on-site.  

Hybrid mix

A mix of the three hybrid models.

What are the benefits of hybrid work environments?

Multiple studies and real-world experience have shown that the greatest benefit of hybrid work environments for employees is having flexibility in their work lives. This means employees can work when and how they are most productive. As a result, they feel more empowered and better able to achieve work-life balance. 

Two recent studies speak to this reality:

  • One study found that 77% of companies have adopted a hybrid working model — with the “at-will” hybrid model as the most popular option.
  • A second study found that 47% of employees would likely look for another job if their employer didn’t offer a flexible hybrid working model. 
  • The first study also found that 56% of the companies who’ve adopted an ‘at-will’ hybrid model let their employees choose when and how often they come into the office.

Hybrid workplaces are also healthier because they lower employees' exposure to viruses and other illnesses. Employer benefits include lower real estate costs, happier employees and the ability to hire without geographic restrictions. 


Who works well in hybrid work environments?

As the pandemic taught us, almost anyone can adapt to a remote work-from-home model when push comes to shove. Thanks largely to modern technologies, even employees who prefer to work on-site, do well in hybrid work environments, because they appreciate the newfound work-life flexibility.


Why is it important for companies to address hybrid work environments?

Creating the best possible hybrid workplace is essential in today’s world. It’s an expectation for employees who now are accustomed to working from home and enjoy greater flexibility in their lives. While companies have faced many challenges in adapting to the new hybrid work world, they are also finding that the advantages far outweigh the challenges — especially as they adopt new, hybrid-focused solutions.



Design Your Own Hybrid
Workplace Experience

Put your workplace environment to the test.

Amenities designed for the new hybrid workplace give on-site employees new opportunities to collaborate, engage with one another and build a sense of community. A powerful way to enhance on-site employees’ satisfaction is to offer a range of amenities — in other words, perks that make employees feel excited to be back!

Use Our Hybrid Workplace Services Creator Tool

See where you stand on creating an ideal hybrid workplace experience for your workforce — and how you can make hybrid work better in your organization. 

Drag and drop the services you are currently offering from the list below to see how your current hybrid environment ranks. You’ll also get tips on how to make your hybrid workplace work better for you and your employees.  

Follow These Steps

  1. View the list of hybrid workplace services.
  2. Click the services that best reflect your organization’s current or planned hybrid environment.
  3. Hit "View Your Results" button.
  4. See the suggestions on how to take your hybrid workplace to the next level.
  5. You can also enter different service combinations to see how they rank.

Hybrid Workplace Services

Mix & Match — choose four or more services to add to your hybrid workplace.
A Dining On-Site

Free food

Nothing says ‘we appreciate you’ like  a free lunch, beverages or snacks.

Catering program

Consider bringing lunch to employees or work teams from time to time. 

Coffee bars and snack bars

Think outside the box when it comes to serving your hybrid workforce.

24/7 open markets

Offer self-checkout options like Quick Eats for employees during every shift

Dining themes with food, decorations and costumes

Make dining on-site fun so employees will look forward to dining in.  

Breakfast options

Serve breakfast to your early birds, including grab-and-go options.

Afternoon energy boosters

Recharge on-site employees with midday treats from energy drinks to  ice cream bars. 
B Dining at Home

To-go take-home meals

You can still feed your at-home employees with prepared take-home meals.

Market boxes, snack boxes, and meal kits sent to remote employees

Send your at-home employees special treats right to their doorstep. 
C Social Events

Happy hour

Help employees unwind, socialize with co-employees and go home happier. 

Networking events

Bring employees together for wine tastings, karaoke and more.
D Extras

A touch of wellness

Pamper on-site employees with perks like spa days and massage chairs. 

Free parking and public transportation subsidies

Help make employees’ commutes more affordable.

Inviting on-site spaces

Rethink your office interiors by adding warmth, comfort and familiarity. 

Frictionless experiences

Make workplaces safer with technologies like robots and  touchless payments. 

Gaming tables and options

Feed your team’s creativity by blending work and play. 

Get Inspired!

3 Companies Doing Hybrid Right

Need some inspiration for creating the perfect hybrid workplace? Here’s how three companies approached their hybrid work environments to make the days their employees work on-site more enjoyable.

Financial Services Firm Creates ‘Insta-Worthy’ Experiences

When employees stopped dining on-site, the firm decided to draw back in with fun and unique ‘Instagram-worthy’ dining experiences, including:

  • Inviting local bands to perform during mealtimes
  • Inviting local restaurants to prepare specialty meals
  • Designing food, costumes and decorations around dining themes

Distributor ‘Flexes Out’ on Dining Options

One of the hallmarks of hybrid is a fluctuating on-site workforce. This company decided to spice things up by adding flexible new dining experiences to its inhouse dining services, including:

  • Grab-and-go breakfast items
  • Grab-and-go lunches
  • Local restaurant meals
  • Holiday pop-ups
  • Complimentary meals

Shoe Manufacturer Puts Culture on the Menu

What do you do when your already slimmed down on-site workforce doesn’t participate in your on-site dining services? With only 52% to 69% of its on-site team dining in, this shoe manufacturer decided to honor employees’ cultural traditions by serving up cultural experiences, including:

  • Offering employees holiday meal kits during Thanksgiving
  • Providing Christmas cookies, gingerbread house and take-home holiday meal kits
  • Adding new menu items during cultural events like Diwali, Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History Month

Want to learn more about creating an ideal hybrid workplace in your organization?