Changing Perks for
a Changing Workplace

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Snack Delivery

The U.S. working world changed in a nanosecond in early 2020. And it is unlikely that businesses will be returning to the “old days” now that many employees have grown accustomed to remote work and have come to expect flexible options.

One thing most agree on: working from home and remote teams will be the norm, at least for some workers, some of the time. Most agree the working world will now be some mix of part-time in the office and part-time at home.

In a recent study, the majority of professionals surveyed emphasized that remote work options were incredibly important to them. In fact, remote work options are now a leading priority for employees looking for new jobs or changing careers.


of employees don’t want to return to the office full-time


of professionals expect remote work to become standard


of employees prefer being fully remote

Innovation Enters the New Normal

The shape of the new workplace impacts several factors, including how companies hire, onboard and engage with new employees, and how employees engage with their teams. As a result, companies are thinking creatively to offer their workers new “perks.” For example, more companies are hosting virtual gatherings on a regular basis, from team-building activities to video hangouts to speaker panels.

This has resulted in innovative ideas to bridge the gaps in the transition from office to home. Many inventive businesses are creating new ways for companies to deliver perks to their employees, so they can keep them happy and healthy on the job — no matter where they are doing their work.

One of the latest new creations is a service called Munch Mail

As a growing number of companies look for fresh new ways to bolster employee engagement and job satisfaction given the hybrid work model, Aramark created Munch Mail gift boxes as a perk to its clients and employees.

Munch Mail delivers goodies and gifts directly to people's doorsteps. The sender selects a gift box from one of the pre-selected options online and adds a personalized message for the recipient. For those employees that enjoy assembling in the office break room for snacks, the snack boxes come directly to them at home, filled with a curated collection of themed, hand-picked, artisan-crafted gourmet gifts.

Munch Mail provides a new and convenient way for companies to show appreciation for their employees, as well as clients and associates. One company sent gift boxes to 5,000 of its remote workers as a gesture of thanks during its annual employee appreciation day. Employees enjoyed being surprised with the hand-selected goodies delivered straight to their doorsteps.


Munch Mail launched with a large financial firm that wanted a creative way to provide perks to its at-home workforce during COVID. The firm wanted to

  • Engage and excite at-home workers with a thoughtful gift while working in unconventional circumstances
  • Give remote workers a thoughtful gift during virtual meetings
  • Recognize and show appreciation to employees for working during difficult times

“In today’s socially distanced environment, engaging and connecting with coworkers and those you care about has never been more important. We’re excited to introduce Munch Mail, which gives gifters a unique way to show their appreciation. Regardless of where teammates are working or friends and family are located, Munch Mail’s custom designed gift boxes are a thoughtful and convenient way to bring joy to someone’s day.”

Gary Crompton, President & CEO of Aramark’s Business Dining Division

Munch Mail Expands Operations

The initial launch was so positive that Aramark, who organized and fulfilled the delivery to the financial firm’s employees, has scaled the service to serve other businesses and thousands of employees. Aramark will offer the service now as part of its robust business dining program.

Munch Mail’s popularity increased thanks to customization options and the ability to ship anywhere in the United States. Companies love the opportunity to send gifts to their employees for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Anniversaries
  • Celebrations
  • Rewards and loyalty programs
  • Employee appreciation days
  • Virtual Conferences

As the workforce changes and working conditions are still being defined for the future, Munch Mail’s success and engagement efforts are just ramping up. As companies continuously look to engage and excite their employees in the new normal, Aramark is excited to curate experiences employees look forward to as a bright spot in their days.

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