Must-Have Amenities in a Multi-Unit Complex

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Amenities Are Powerful

A thoughtfully-designed shared space becomes a meeting place for people and ideas. For companies leasing offices in a multi-unit complex, amenities make all the difference. The right communal spaces and shared experiences are key to creating a positive workplace environment, increasing employee and tenant satisfaction and improving enjoyment in and commitment to your space.

When you offer exceptional amenities in your multi-unit complex, you’re transforming what it means to work in your space. The benefits of doing so are far-reaching and, ultimately, make it easier to attract and retain corporate tenants.

Here are some key reasons why amenities are a must in multi-unit complexes.

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Curated Spaces Create Community

A strong sense of community is one of the core elements of workplace satisfaction because it brings people together around a shared purpose and mission. Connection is an innate human need that taps into the desire to feel respected, cared about and recognized by others.

Community isn’t just good for employees – it’s beneficial for employers, too. According to a study by Deloitte, a feeling of belonging in the workplace can lead to a 56% increase in job performance, a 50% reduction in turnover risk and a 75% decrease in sick days.

Multi-unit complexes with intentional, curated spaces help corporate tenants nurture a sense of workplace community among their employees.

Natural opportunities to form connections and network arise, for example, through:

Pop-up social events and food-related gatherings, such as tastings and networking events
Thoughtful seating arrangements in cafes and dining areas that allow for collaboration and conversation
Enticing break rooms with complimentary snacks and beverages, games and soft seating
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Dining Is a Differentiator

Offering an exceptional dining experience sets your multi-unit complex apart, attracting organizations that make hiring and retaining top talent a priority. Food is a major differentiator for employees and, by extension, for the multi-unit complexes that their employers lease.

For one, healthy and accessible food options in the workplace improve productivity. Research shows that employees who eat together perform better together as a group.

On top of that, dining amenities are a significant value-added benefit for employees. Robert Half, one of the largest staffing firms in the U.S., lists company-subsidized food as one of the top perks for employees — on par with other benefits like flexible work schedules and paid parental leave.

Stand-out dining amenities can include:

Curated culinary programs that highlight the finest ingredients from local farmers and small businesses
Authentic, local cuisines from local restaurant partners
Exciting dining options, such as a sushi bar, taco bar, gelato station or specialty coffee
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Creative Environments Fuel Innovation

Physical spaces have a direct impact on how we think and feel. There’s a reason why big tech companies like Alphabet and Meta are renowned for including playful elements in their interior design to encourage creativity and collaboration in the workplace.

The same theory holds true in multi-unit complexes, too. The best ideas don’t always arise in a boardroom. Instead, innovation can be born around a patio firepit or after a food truck-style meal. Creativity fuels more creativity!

Offering out-of-the-box amenities that will attract corporate tenants might include:

Creating gathering spaces like on rooftop patios, firepits or a combination of indoor-outdoor seating
Following a theme for meeting spaces, lounging areas and pop-up dining events
Leveraging technology to solve employee challenges, such self-service convenience stores open 24/7
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Corporate Facilities
Reflect Company Culture

Gone are the days of siloed cubicles and dimly lit break rooms. Companies are increasingly using office spaces to reflect their culture, mission and values.

A multi-unit complex with amenities underpinned by principles like sustainability, diversity, inclusion and employee wellbeing helps corporate tenants show commitment to those same values.

Dining amenities are full of opportunities to showcase company culture:

Bringing in ethically sourced, sustainable and local ingredients
Promoting diversity through a rotating menu of international dishes and cuisines
Adding health-focused options to your dining program and catering to specific dietary requirements like paleo, keto and vegan
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Active Spaces Spark
Employee Engagement

Spaces can be divided into two broad categories: passive and active. The former is static, a location that may or may not entice passersby to use. The latter is curated with active programming and intentionally managed to create an experience.

Actively managed spaces in the workplace are increasingly popular in an experience-hungry world. As consulting firm McKinsey & Co point out, organizations that “create personalized, authentic, and motivating experiences … strengthen individual, team, and company performance.”

That’s because engaged employees are happier, more productive and less likely to leave. A sense of belonging in the workplace is strengthened through employee experiences, boosting job performance and reducing the risk of employee turnover.

Multi-unit complexes that offer programming as part of the overall amenities package address a growing need for organizations seeking to better engage their employees and offer an immediate solution.

Ways to activate a space could include:

Hosting a coffee tasting or brew class at a cafe
Partnering with a fitness center to offer wellness initiatives and health programs
Organizing games, activities and pop-up social events in the break room
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World-Class Amenities
Fill Vacancy Rates

Organizations across industries are prioritizing the employee experience. A significant part of that comes from improved dining services, tailored programming and engaging spaces in the workplace for employees.

Doing so can be easier said than done, however. Organizations often face logistical and staffing issues when it comes to creating the kinds of experiences they’d like to offer – particularly smaller organizations with fewer employees.

Multi-unit complexes are uniquely positioned to help meet these needs for their corporate tenants by offering engaging and creative amenities that the organizations, on their own, would be unable to provide.

Exceptional workplace environments and experiences differentiate multi-unit complexes, acting as a huge competitive advantage in the commercial real estate industry. Amenities are one of the driving forces that fill occupancy rates.

Ways to activate a space could include:

A robust business dining program with a variety of healthy, high quality options
Technologically advanced solutions like AI-driven, cashierless convenience stores and grab-and-go kiosks
Unique culinary experiences that tap into international flavors and local ingredients

Ready to Offer
Outstanding Amenities in Your Multi-Unit Complex?

The Aramark Workplace Experience Group is the leader in helping multi-unit complexes develop and launch amenities programs that stand out.

We have decades of experience elevating the workplace for employers and employees alike, leveraging the best of your space to surpass the expectations of your corporate tenants.

These are just a few of the many benefits of partnering with us:

  • As the largest independent provider of dining and integrated facilities management services in North America, we create exceptional experiences for hundreds of organizations daily and have extensive expertise in delivering outstanding amenities
  • We thrive on finding customizable and unique solutions tailored specifically to your goals, culture and vision
  • We keep sustainability at the heart of what we do, sourcing our ingredients ethically and inclusively
  • We deliver unique experiences that matter, driving employee satisfaction and engagement
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We are workplace experts that will make a difference in how your multi-unit complexes are -- and stay -- filled.