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Safe, clean and maintenance-free spaces are the backbone of exceptional product manufacturing and service delivery.

Aramark helps you harness the power of your facilities to fully leverage the possibilities.

Your facilities house the products, innovation and intellectual property that define your brand. Equally important, they serve as critical workspaces for your most valued asset: your staff. The spaces in which your teams operate, innovate, engage and produce your products play a foundational role in your success.

As a leader in Integrated Facilities Management solutions for manufacturing, production and commercial organizations, we are committed to safe and engaging operating environments. We bring decades of experience and deep technical expertise to every organization we serve. Yet, our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of each client’s operation.

We don’t just manage your district facilities, we partner with you and your district’s community to deliver outcomes that meet and exceed expectations.

What Makes Us Unique?

Through Integrated Facilities Management (IFM), Aramark brings unparalleled resources, expertise and solutions to manufacturing and production environments.

Our clients benefit from:
  • Focus on employee safety and well-being
  • Commitment to continuous innovation, resulting in industry leading solutions, application of technology and measurable outcomes.
  • Flexible delivery models specifically tailored to meet each client's needs.
  • Advanced technologies that provide real-time insights and enable data-based decisions for optimal service delivery.
  • Scalable solutions that serve a single location or multi-site delivery over a wide distributed geography
  • Deep technical expertise delivered by our Engineering Solutions division, one of the most accomplished technical resources complementing an IFM organization.

The Aramark Approach
for Measurable Impact

Keeping your OpERATIONS running smoothly and safely with the support of Aramark Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) services.

From cleaning and safety programs that protect occupant health to maintenance and engineering solutions that protect your bottom-line, our services are rooted in innovation, technical expertise and a people-first approach.

We offer dynamic solutions that drive efficiency, improve your facilities’ performance and help keep employees safe. Our team is an extension of yours – an invested partner ready to support you in your commitment to your customers, your staff, your products and your total cost of ownership.

Here are some of the ways IFM services can make your operation exceptional, so you can focus on what matters most.

Safety As the First Priority

IMPACT — Protect your staff with a focus on safety first.

People are at the heart of all we do. Our commitment is to provide and sustain the cleanest and safest spaces. Your partnership with Aramark ensures that your staff are cared for and protected.

Safety covers a wide range of issues from cleaning to indoor air quality to equipment performance. For each challenge, we offer data-driven solutions and training that provide peace of mind for employees and managers alike.

female wearing a mask cleaning a bathroom sink

Flexible Delivery Models

IMPACT — Solutions tailored to the specific needs of your facilities portfolio.

Aramark deploys an integrated model that delivers the appropriate set of standardized services to each location with a consistent level of quality and performance. Aramark self-performs 75% of non-core work at large and/or highly specialized sites. Additionally, we leverage a deep affiliate network of specialized expertise to support flexibility, short-term projects and geographic diversity. Our North American call center and advanced technology platform assure a seamless service request process, dispatch and quality control. Budget, invoice management and reporting are made simple and provide deep business intelligence.

Learn how a packaging manufacturer, technology leader, and housing network achieved success through different IFM models.

two facility workers wearing hardhats and vests

Business Intelligence for Smarter Operation

IMPACT — Make data-driven decisions that improve service delivery and reduce operating costs.

Access to data and real-time insights is changing how facilities are managed. Aramark’s AIWX™ Connect helps create more efficient environments by drawing together a suite of business intelligence and real-time data tools for your facilities. A wide range of IoT-connected monitors and sensors provide unprecedented, actionable insights into your operations. Imagine a facility that proactively detects a leaking pipe or failing mechanical equipment. Understand occupancy levels and adjust staffing and schedules to deliver service based on actual demand.

Aramark successfully deploys leading technology to gain actionable insights into your operation. Combined with our technical and operational expertise, your spaces and systems work together seamlessly. Data-driven business intelligence reduces operational risks, lowers total cost of ownership and delivers better operating and production environments.

See this case study, where AIWX™ Connect helped avoid costly repairs that would have impacted operating program and cost. In one instance, the sensors detected a water leak in the building over a holiday break. Left undetected, it would have caused $70,000 in damage. In another example, the same system identified a refrigeration failure and avoided over $10,000 in product waste.

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Tailored In-House Engineering Solutions

IMPACT — Address complex facility and production challenges with a full spectrum of technical expertise.

In addition to day-to-day facilities management support, our team is ready to respond and address your more complex needs with highly specialized, technical services. Our delivery model is unique in that our Engineering Solutions division becomes an extension of your team.

Across energy management, mechanical systems operation, HVAC, building automation systems, construction, commissioning, strategic planning and other critical services, Engineering Solutions solve both short-term and long-term facility challenges. Most importantly, our technical team has an operational mindset, assuring solutions are practical and actionable. 

See how our Engineering Solutions are solving 4 of today's building challenges.

two facility workers wearing hardhats and vests

Energy Management and Sustainable Solutions

IMPACT — Use energy more efficiently, reducing consumption and improving your bottom line.

Optimizing your energy consumption can be an untapped opportunity to reduce costs and reallocate savings. Our Engineering Solutions team develops energy management programs to meet the programmatic and financial needs of each client operation. From performance contracting to operator training to equipment optimization, we construct solutions that are embraced by both managers and owners.

Energy management has measurable impacts. Learn how Aramark helped Samsung realize a 10% energy consumption reduction and secure an EPA ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award.

two people wearing hardhats looking at equipment

Innovations That Create Healthier Environments

IMPACT — Exceed health and wellness expectations with leading-edge technology.

Our commitment to continuous innovation drives improvements that create healthier environments. We leverage the latest tools to help you operate more efficiently, providing safer and more secure environments.

Autonomous Vehicle (robotic) cleaning technology, remote monitoring systems, advanced air disinfection and digital twinning are just some of the ways our tech-forward solutions are designed to meet your needs. We continually partner with industry leaders to develop and pilot new solutions to existing and emerging facility problems. Clients benefit from our robust network of industry relationships and an evaluation process that brings tested and proven solutions to market.

For instance, at McKinney Independent School District, Aramark deployed an innovative solution to solve for two challenges: heightened attention to cleanliness in the post-COVID era and labor shortages. By using autonomous floor cleaning machines that operate overnight, district schools enjoyed consistently clean floors each morning while freeing existing cleaning staff to focus on tasks in high traffic areas. The increased floor sanitization also resulted in a net reduction in cost per square foot of cleaning.

floor cleaner

Demand-Driven Services

IMPACT — Maximize facilities management investment with flexible solutions.

We know your needs are not static. From maintenance backlogs to space utilization issues to staff shortages, manufacturing organizations are facing a host of challenges. Aramark advocates a demand-driven approach to facilities management that delivers services when and where needed. By leveraging data from your spaces and equipment in real-time, limited resources can be optimized to deliver adaptable solutions.

From smart staffing schedules based on real-time maintenance needs, to cleaning, heating and cooling based on occupancy and utilization, our solutions are designed to reduce your total cost of ownership.

Aramark employee with a cleaning cart

Vast Experience Gained Across Industries

IMPACT — Access to cutting-edge advancements in facilities management.

A partnership with Aramark provides insights that span markets and challenges. Our thorough, end-to-end facilities management expertise spans from manufacturing to healthcare to education and beyond. We see market innovations and shifts from all angles. We experience challenges and develop solutions before most others. We are early adopters of best practices, but only integrate them into our solutions after they have been proven and tested. The breadth and depth of our insight allows us to provide tailored, scalable solutions that help you deliver better services and products through modern, efficient, exceptional facilities.

Aramark employee holding a clipboard

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) for Your Organization

IMPACT — Creating a workplace experience that drives standardization with consistent, repeatable results

An Aramark IFM solution can propel your organization and your operations to new heights. Many organizations, especially those with multiple locations, seek insights to scale service delivery as well as staff engagement. Creating an environment where all understand and embody the organization’s principles and goals engenders success. The physical environment can be a catalyst in achieving desired outcomes.

Aramark employee with hardhat and vest evaluating equipment

The only way to achieve standardization with consistent and repeatable methods of delivering, operating, maintaining and disposing of our workplaces was through an integrated facilities management (IFM) model. This resulted in a massive paradigm shift for the organization.”

Brian Philip
Head of Facilities Management
Samsung Electronics of America

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